Sales Executive Association



The name of the Association shall be the Sales Executive Association of Lubbock.


The purpose of this Association shall be to:

a. Investigate, discuss, and promote economic growth for it members;
b. Acquaint its members with the products and services offered by other members;
c. Promote better relations between members; and
d. Contribute to the growth and development of Lubbock.


Section I

There shall be three classes of members, Active, Associate, and Retired. Active members have full participation in all the deliberations and activities of the Association. Associate members may attend meetings and listen to discussions but cannot hold office and have no vote in the organization except as allowed under Section IV below. Retired members are former Active or Associate members who have either sold the member business or retired from the member business. Retired members cannot hold office, have no vote in the organization, will not be entitled to participate in SEA bucks, and may not advertise any business, trade, or profession within the Association. Retired members are exempt from any Association attendance requirements and Association initiation fees. Retired members will be entitled to reduced Association dues. The Retired member dues shall be $250.00 per year, subject to change by the vote of the Board ofDirectors at a regular Board of Directors meeting.

Section II

Membership shall be open to any firm or corporation that expresses a desire to contribute to the advancement of the Association. Membership shall not be denied because of race, creed, color, national origin, or sex.

Section III

Each member firm shall designate an owner or manager in the firm as the Active Member. The Active Member must have authority to control the purchases of the member firm.

Section IV

Should a member firm be owned equally by husband or wife, co-partners, or other co-owners, each such husband and wife, co-partner, or co-owner, shall be considered an Active Member for any and all purposes set out in this constitution and the Bylaws of the organization; however, in no event shall any member firm be allowed more than one vote per firm nor may more than one Active Member from the same firm hold office in the organization. Notwithstanding anything above, the dues structure for the type of ownership detailed herein shall be the same as the existing Active/Associate Member dues structure of the Association.

Section V.

Membership in this Association shall be limited to only one firm from any classification or trade, profession, or business.

Section VI.

No Associate Member shall be granted membership in this Association until he has been approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Section I

The Officers of this Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties shall be provided by the Bylaws.

Section II

The President, Vice President, and Secretary shall be elected by ballot each year at the Annual Meeting to serve for a one year term. Effective October 5, 2001, the Treasurer shall be elected by ballot at every other annual meeting and shall serve for a two-year term.

Section III

Vacancies shall be filled as specified by the Bylaws.

Section IV

No member shall hold more than one office.


Section I

There shall be elected annually from the active membership of the Association six (6) members, who shall meet with the Officers of the Association to perform such duties as shall be provided by the Bylaws. These six (6) members together with the Officers and immediate Past-President of the Association shall constitute the Board of Directors. They shall be elected at the annual meeting to serve for a term of one (1) year. The immediate Past-President shall serve for one (1) term. To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, a member must be in good standing and have been a member of the Association for six (6) months.

Section II

Vacancies occurring among the Members of the Board or the offices of Secretary or Treasurer shall be filled by election by the Board of Directors, such Officers or Board Members to serve only until the next Annual Meeting. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall succeed to the office. The resulting vacancy of the office of the Vice President shall be as outlined in the Bylaws.


Section I

The Association shall meet regularly each week at a place and time designated by the Bylaws. There shall be no meetings on the following dates and upon any other date the Board of Directors deems advisable:

Thursday after the Christmas Party
Christmas Thursday
New Year’s Thursday
Memorial Day Thursday
July 4th Thursday
Labor Day Thursday

Section II

Effective February 1, 2003, the second regular meeting in January shall be the Annual Meeting for the election of Association Officers and Directors.

Section III

Special meetings for special purposes may be called by the Board at such times as are thought advisable. Such special meetings may transact only business as is specified in the call, and special meetings may not supersede regular meetings except when especially called for.


Any proposed amendment to this Constitution may be submitted in writing at any business meeting of the Association. Such proposed amendment must be signed by three (3) Active Members of the organization before being submitted to the meeting and shall be read to the meeting by the Secretary. After such notice, it may be voted on at the next annual meeting and shall become a part of the Constitution only if approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present and voting at said Annual Meeting.