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The SEA of Lubbock is an organization comprised of business owners whose primary aims are to:

  1. Contribute to the growth and development of Lubbock.
  2. Acquaint its members with the products and services offered by other members. 
  3. Promote better relations between members.

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Becoming acquainted with you and your profession will allow us to refer business to you and to trade directly with you.

Making friends with people of good character and integrity; people you can confidently refer to your other friends and acquaintances is just plain good business.

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SEA: Sales Executive Association

Established in 1973, the Sales Executive Association (SEA) is a group of Lubbock area business owners who meet once a week to get to know more about each other’s businesses, discuss business leads, refer business to its members, and contribute to the growth and development of the City of Lubbock. In SEA, an active member is the owner of the business with authority to control purchases for the member firm. There can be only one active full member per firm with associate memberships also available for full members.