Jerry White (Jackie),
White Building Materials

Position: Partner
Company: White Building Materials
Phone:746-8600/fx 745-8610

Type of Business: Building Materials sales for residential and wood commercial construction. Pro Sales oriented to the general contractor/home builder. We also provide vinyl and wood window units, along with interior and exterior door units, drywall, and a limited line of roofing.
Specialty or Niche: We specialize in quality materials and prompt delivery service.
Number of Employees:16
Years in Business:3
Years in Lubbock:60
Company’s Accomplishments:.White Building Materials is the only independent lumber dealer in Lubbock, Texas. We have established a strong and loyal customer base in a very short period of time.
Company’s Outlook: WBM is growing at a 20% plus growth in sales per year and expect to continue at a 15% growth for the next few years.
Years in SEA:2
CEO/President/Owner: Jerry White
Company Representative to SEA: Jerry White
Company’s Community Involvement: Associate member of the West Texas Homebuilders Association, Member of Lubbock Chamber Of Commerce, Lubbock-Cooper FFA Booster Club Supporter.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: Family Owned and Operated.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA provides an opportunity for business leaders/owners to promote their company and help promote other members business through referrals.