Dr. Laurel Jones (Jay),
Acres North Veterinary Hospital / Animal Hospital of Lubbock

Company: Acres North Veterinary Hospital / Animal Hospital of Lubbock
Phone:794-4543/fx 794-4585
Email: Animailhospital@gmail.com
Website: http://www.animalhospitaloflubbock.com/

Type of Business: Veterinary Clinic
Specialty or Niche: Small Animal Veterinary services
Number of Employees: 23
Years in Business: 31
Years in Lubbock: 31
Company’s Accomplishments: Being in business 31 years and continuing to grow. We have been awarded the readers choice award for best Veterinary Clinic in Lubbock.
Company’s Outlook: Provide the best Veterinary care possible for our patients and clients.
Years in SEA: 28 (Gary Schwede)
Company Representative to SEA: Jay Jones
Company’s Community Involvement: We provide reduced costs on certain services for several local humane groups and rescue organizations.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: We provide a variety of services for our patients including dermatology, radiology, dentistry, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and wellness/prevention services.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA has given our company the opportunity to do business with some of the leading businesses and business leaders in Lubbock. Our business has grown due to these relationships.