David Woody,
Chrome It Up

Position: CEO
Company: Chrome It Up
Email: woodyman47@yahoo.com

Type of Business: Vehicle Accessories Sales and Installation
Specialty or Niche:
Number of Employees: 1
Years in Business: 1.5
Years in Lubbock: 66
Company’s Accomplishments: Have worked on over 2,000 vehicles in the 1.5 years we’ve been in business. Many satisfied customers.
Company’s Outlook: Optimistic about the continued growth of the company but I don’t want employees.
Years in SEA: 37
CEO/President/Owner: David Woody
Company Representative to SEA: David Woody
Company’s Community Involvement: Member of Monterey Ambucs- A Civic Club. Member of Lake Ridge United Methodist Church.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: We sell quality products with guaranteed professional service and installation.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA provides me with many good customers and friends. It connects me to a wide variety of business contacts and opportunities.