Kris Kincaid (Sarah),
Kincaid Roofing

Position: President
Company: Kincaid Roofing
Phone:788-1460/fx 698-0957

Type of Business: Roofing and Remodeling
Specialty or Niche: Roofing commercial and residential. Siding, windows, and pergolas.
Number of Employees: 1
Years in Business: 8
Years in Lubbock: 33
Company’s Accomplishments: GAF & Owens Corning Master Installer. Lowes’ Home Improvement Installer. NDL certified with US PLY Inc, John’s Manville and Versico.
Company’s Outlook: Continued growth in the commercial and residential sales.
Years in SEA: 6
CEO/President/Owner: Kris Kincaid
Company Representative to SEA: Kris Kincaid
Company’s Community Involvement: Yearly donations to local nonprofits.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: All residential roofs are HAND NAILED and we carry 1 million dollars in General Liability Insurance.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA has been very critical in the success of my business by the loyalty of the members and their referrals.