Grant Gafford (Jordan),
Battery Joe

Position: CEO
Company: Battery Joe
Phone:939-7101/fx 232-7538/Mb 790-1692

Type of Business: Retail/Commercial
Specialty or Niche: Batteries of all types
Number of Employees:25
Years in Business:7
Years in Lubbock:7
Company’s Accomplishments:
Company’s Outlook: Strong growth and expansion in the Lubbock, Amarillo and West Texas Markets with strategies to expand outside of Battery Joe’s core territory through a franchising or licensing program.
Years in SEA:10
CEO/President/Owner: Grant Gafford
Company Representative to SEA: Grant Gafford
Company’s Community Involvement: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, SEA, BNI
Other Important Facts about Your Company: 3 store locations in Lubbock, 2 in Amarillo, with more opening soon throughout West Texas.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA has allowed us to network on a business and personal level with a like-minded community and business leaders.