Bob Brandt (Rosamond),
Western Title Company

Company: Western Title Company
Phone:793-0704/fx 795-9143

Type of Business: Real Estate Sales, Leasing, and Management
Specialty or Niche: Commercial Sales, Leasing, and Management
Number of Employees: 80 Agents
Years in Business:
Years in Lubbock:
Company’s Accomplishments: Was incorporated in 1981. West Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit has flourished under West Texas skies as it has enhanced residential and commercial sales (including business sales) and leasing into its real estate business. It remains in first or second place in the Lubbock market and has managed its growth through acquisitions and mergers.
Company’s Outlook: Lubbock is a great place to be in business and particularly the real estate business. A mobile population, educational and medical institutions, industries like farming/ranching, oil, distribution, retail are all significant factors in West Mark’s growth. We believe the future will continue in a positive manner, for Lubbock truly is a major element of the “Hub of West Texas.”
Years in SEA:32
CEO/Partners: Linda Ferguson, Tim Garrett, Nita Kiesling
Company Representative to SEA: Nita Kiesling
Company’s Community Involvement: West Mark believes in supporting community organizations and charities. Just a few of our involvements involve Lubbock Association of Realtors, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Lubbock Area Foundation, Children’s Home of Lubbock, Children’s Miracle Network, American Diabetes Association, United Way, South Plains Food Bank, Texas Tech University and Health Sciences Center, Covenant Health System, and Lubbock Christian University.
Other Important Facts about Your Company: Two locations in Lubbock; home office on 84th St and property management office on 82nd St.
Most Beneficial Thing SEA Has Been To You: SEA has been a great way to network with other business people in the city and has given us an edge in doing business together. The support of one another is a major factor in our long-term relationship.